How to Sample Your Soil

Instructions how to submit a good sample

1. Name your sample: provide a sample ID (name) on the bag i.e. front, backyard, garden or field name

2. Which test: Let us know what analysis you are requesting

3. Your information: please include your name, email and phone number

4. Ship or bring to: 2515 E University Dr. Phoenix AZ 85034

When submitting your sample please give us as much information as possible:

  • • how you irrigate

  • • your concerns regarding growth problems

  • • Tell us what you are growing or what you plan to grow (i.e. landscape, turf, flowers, vegetables, etc.)

1. Get a clean plastic bucket (not metal) and spoon/spade. If you are using a metal shovel make sure you do not take the soil that touched the shovel directly.

2. From 3-5 random places in your sample area, dig a 6" hole. From the bottom of each of these holes collect one cup of soil. Keep in mind we want the soil from the root zone. Not from the surface. 

3. Mix all the soil together to make your one soil sample.

4. Place 1 pint of the mixed soil in a clean plastic zip lock bag.