How to Sample Soil

How to Sample

Perfecting Your Soil Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps.

1. Collect Your Sample

  • Get a Clean Plastic Bucket and a spoon/spade.
  • Take a sample from 3 – 5 random places in your sample area. Dig a 3″- 6″ hole and remove 1 cup of soil from the bottom of each of these holes.

(Keep in mind we want soil from the root zone, not from the surface.)

2. Prepare Your Sample

  • Mix all the soil together to make a complete sample.
  • Place a minimum of 3 cups of the mixed soil in a clean plastic zip lock bag.

3. Submitting Your Sample

  • Hand Deliver: Bring your sample to the lab at 2515 E University Phoenix AZ.  We will help you. 
  • Shipping to the Laboratory: please print out a Chain of Custody and complete.  *see link on top of this page*
  • Place your sample and the Chain Of Custody inside the shipping box or padded envelope. (Do not use a paper envelope.)
  • Send your sample to IAS Laboratories