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IAS Laboratories provides programs for crop production that enable the grower to more efficiently manage mineral nutrients of the crop.

Soil Test Services

Use Standard Soil Test For: Lawn Care; Salt Build Up; Macro Nutrients
Use Complete Soil Test For:General overview before planting; Macro and micro nutrients; Major growth issues; Sod, Flower and Landscape Plants; Vegetable Gardening

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Plant Testing

  • Learn what nutrients/fertilizer your plants require; Prevent applying unnecessary fertilizer;Determine plant nutrient deficiencies and toxicities;Monitor the nutrient developmentof the plant at itsdifferent growth stages

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Water Testing

Use Irrigation SuitabilityWater Test For:Discover which salt is causing plant growth problems;Know the concentration of the different salts;Calculate the leaching requirement; Determine the gypsum application rate
 Test for Total Coliform and E.Coli for: Well water for irrigation; Well water for drinking; Well water when purchasing a new home; Restaurant cleanliness

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Fertilizer and Compost/ Manure Tests

A new standardized method for quantification of humic and fulvic acids in humic ores and commercial products.

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Microbiology Testing

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Homeowners Testing

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Microbiology Lab

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